FreezePoint® Freezing Point Osmometer

FreezePoint® Freezing Point Osmometer is designed for routine medical, research, and industry measurements that determine the total osmolality of aqueous solutions. It is easily controlled via a touch screen display and step-by-step user guidance. With this instrument and a sample size as small as 15µl, you can receive rapid results in 60 seconds (Models 6000 / 6000S). Never lose your data with a built-in printer (Models 6000P / 6000SP), PC connectivity, and data saving in stand-by mode. The FreezePoint® Freezing Point Osmometer is easy to handle and maintain with a robust design. And with an automatic, two or three point calibration, you’re always sure of the accuracy of your results.  Download brochure to learn more... Download brochure to learn more...

  • Clinical Laboratories 
  •  Electron Microscopy 
  • General Medicine 
  • Hemodialysis 
  • Intensive Care Laboratories 
  • Pharmacy and Dispensaries 
  • Physiology 
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • In Vitro Fertilization 
Measurement Technique

The total osmolality of aqueous solutions is determined by comparative measurements of the freezing points of pure water and of solutions. Whereas water has a freezing point of 0°C, a solution with saline concentration of 1 Osmol/kg has a freezing point of -1.858°C.

  • Ease of use: Controlled with a touch screen display and step by step user-guidance for all measurement functions. 
  • Calibration: Automatic, two or three point calibration. 
  • Design: the robust design of the instrument makes it easy to handle and maintain. 
  • Data Tracking: Built in printer (Models 6000P / 6000SP) for physical copies and USB or RS232 connections for digital copies. Last results remain available after switching to automatic stand-by mode.
  • Quality Management: QM assistance for the laboratory supervisor.
Launch of the FreezePoint® Technology

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Specifications and Important Information

Catalogue number: Model 6000SP
Sample Volume: 15µl50µl
Measurement Range: 0 to 3000 mOsmol/kg H2O
Measurement Time: ~60 seconds
Weight: 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs)5.9 kg (13 lbs)
Dimensions: 8.1 in x 14.2 in x 8.7 in


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